Thank you from Dom

Thank you from Dom

So, if you all don’t know, the stylists here at Salon 1219 take turns writing out blogs. Over the summer months I asked all stylists to just give me one blog between the June-July Months and that I want a really big project come August for back to school. Being that Salon 1219 just celebrated its second year in business, I would like to let you all know how thankful I am to be a part of all the stylist’s and client’s lives.  I really do love that the clients here are comfortable enough to come in and vent to any one of us stylists (and sometimes to other clients). You have made my dream come true to have a modern salon, with an old school “welcoming” and home like vibe! I love how everyone is just comfortable to be who they are in the salonJ Thank You!

Thank You Andrea, Miguel, Kayla, & Crista for going along with all the little tasks I “suggest”.

Thank you Andrea, Miguel, and Kayla (Crista, you haven’t been here long enough for me to ask you to come to education classes yet, but thank you in advance for the future, because I know you will do it too!!)  for attending so many of the education classes I have “suggested”! I have been in salons where only a minority of the stylists attends classes unless it was mandatory. So thank you for attending without me making it mandatoryJ Vegas was a blast!!! And it was great seeing everyone get re motivated in a career we’ve been in for 10 plus years. Every single stylist here loves what he or she does and I love it!

Thank You to our newest addition/receptionist for hopefully changing our curse of the front desk! We’ve gone through 3 receptionists this year….It just didn’t “click”! And thank You Thea for coming back to join the front desk. Thea and Ashley’s personalities are so different that it is nice to have a yin and a yangJ

Of course, I must also thank Josh next door for being such a sweet heart!! He is always coming over and showing all of us his beautiful framing creations! He has been with Andrea and I since day 1!!!!

Thank You to my family who has always been there for me and especially to my hubby who is a constant motivator. Lastly again thank you Salon 1219 clients because we do this all for you and stay tuned for August! We will all be doing back to school photo shoots for your viewing enjoyment!!!

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  1. Lisa says:
    07/13/2013 at 1:22 PM

    Thanks for being you Dom! I love Salon 1219:)


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