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Hey ya’ll! Seems like we are all getting back into routine after the hot summer’s sun: School is back in session, and comfy fall in now in the air! But I am here to tell you, don’t get to into your routine! Change it up!! I am so excited to share with you my  back to school inspired photo shoot that will show you how to take your hair to the next level!

I would like to thank Angelica Colon at Heart Art Photography for capturing these beautiful shots for me and I would like to thank my beautiful model Allison Gerke for such wonderful work!

So in my shoot, I wanted to capture back to school with one model, and 3 completely different looks. This goes to show that even YOU can change it up every day, no matter what your day has in store for you.

Do you really want to stand out above the rest? What about a fresh new all over color> I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the rooty ombre look, but with Allison, I really wanted to do a beautiful all over blond. There is nothing better for a blond than fresh roots to compliment a beautiful hue.  I wanted to give Allison the palest, almost platinum blond but didn’t want the harsh platinum look, so to keep this look striking but still soft and natural, I opted for the palest natural beige.

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This first pic of Allison captures her hair au natural. She is the typical school girl.

In the next shoot I wanted to take Allison’s hair in a complete 180! Here I made her the hard rock chick! She is a bad ass and enjoys it! I added golden and platinum extensions to make her color a little more un natural than the “pretty school girl look”. I also spray painted a cheetah print into her hair. Anyone can do this with any stencil and a can of colored hair spray! If you have bangs, add some pretty hearts or spice up a straight pony or a braid with some stars! You can do anything, your imagination desires.

Im all about 180s so again, I wanted to take Allison’s hair in a totally different direction. In the last look, I wanted to capture the sexy, yet colorful librarian. She likes the quiet, but she likes her hair loud. Here I wanted to give Allison a vintage style with a futuristic color.  This style looks like  a lot of work, but all it is is a soft vintage blow out and curl, then the color is hand painted with oil pastels. How fun is that??! Comes out in just one wash, so a whole new look without the commitment, damage, or fading.

As you see through my work, Im all about combining oposites, you don’t have to have one look. You can combine many different looks to create your own individual style, so give it a try, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the shoot and Heart Art Photography by the links above.


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    10/04/2013 at 12:34 PM

    Very open and staff of lovely talented people all of them thumbs up for them!


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