Salon 1219 Fall Update

Hello all, Dom here with a lil Fall newsletter for you, and boy, do I have a lot I need to tell ya!

First off I personally know that everyone, both clients and stylists at Salon 1219 are so happy for our stylist and friend Kayla Masek who is tying the knot to her love of 7 years, Sammy Gonzalez; so after October 5 we will have a new and improved Mrs. Kayla Gonzales!!!! If your hair needs some loving please call asap to get in, she will be out Oct 3 – Oct 5 for her wedding and she will be on a week long honey moon from Oct 11-Oct 19. Salon 1219 will also be closed at 2 on Oct 5 so that we can attend her special celebration.

Speaking of days off and weddings, I (Dom) am taking a couple of weeks off right before Christmas for my sister’s wedding….The dates are still up in the air, but I know I will be leaving sometime bwtween Dec 20 and Christmas Eve; I will be returning around the weekend of the 8. I know I know, that is the worst time to leave all the special people who need to be beautified before the holidays, but I promise to get everyone in before Santa’s visit; if I can’t, someone at the at the salon will deffinately get you in☺ So, if you are my client, please keep this in mind, so that we can pre book your holiday appointment☺

We all had so much fun at the big Vegas IBS Hairshow, and learned tons of new summer trends, but we are now getting prepared to attend the huge Phoenix Hairshow! Stay tuned for some new fall trends!!! We will be ready for some experimentation on willing heads of hair☺

I am so excited for our Dia De Los Muertos art show and party coming up Sat October 26 from 7-9! Please! Please! Please! Join us for a fun night of art, food, drinks, and COSTUMES!!! This is an annual event and we love hanging with our wonderful clients. If you haven’t had a chance to try out local eatery Los Taquitos, you will be pleased to know that they will be donating food for this event. We will also be kicking off our holiday food drive for Maggie’s Place at this event. So bring your canned food!!!! To stay informed on this event please visit our Facebook page to RSVP!!! Don’t forget to tell your friends!! FB event page

As I mentioned above all of us at Salon 1219 would like all of your help to help us help Moms! Maggie’s Place is an organization that takes in pregnant mothers and their children when they have nowhere else to go. Maggie’s Place takes in these families and gives them food, clothing, shelter, and support. They help the pregnant mother get back on her feet with support, encouragement, and a plan so that by the time the unborn child is 6 months old, the mom is ready to conquer the world! We are starting our food drive on the evening of Oct 26 and will continue it until Sat Dec 14th. Please keep in mind that Maggies Place can use other items such as diapers, formula, toiletries, clothing, feminine care, etc. Whatever your heart desires to give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone for reading our newsletter and thank you for being such wonderful clients!!! We are all excited to be finishing another year of friendship and beauty with each and every one of you!

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  1. Harv Jaffe says:
    09/22/2015 at 2:27 AM

    Very Happy to hear news of Kayla & Sammie’s upcoming wedding. “Heard it on the Blog”!


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